It starts with QUESTIONS? Our goal is to uncover true business needs, so that we can focus the design and development process on solving real-world business challenges. Designing a beautiful and user friendly software solution is great, but it must move your business in a positive direction. Contact us today to learn more about our ability to take your business to the next level. 

Who we are

Blue Sequoyah Technologies was founded by entrepreneurs and creative thinkers with decades of user interface design and software development experience who decided to come together to form a new, single entity where they could combine their expertise to make something even better.

Today, Blue Sequoyah Technologies has a passionate, talented team of project managers, designers, developers, and strategists, working on a wide range of projects for all kinds of clients. Basically, we bring big ideas to life!

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Blue Sequoyah Technologies

Creative and technology talent that towers over the competition!

Our core values

Our roles may vary from operations to design to software engineering. But we all believe in a people-first culture based on embracing change, open and honest communication, and a passion for what we do. We feel so strongly about our culture that we've codified it into these ten Blue Sequoyah Technologies core values.

  1. Deliver exceptional experiences through products and services. Everything we do is a reflection of Blue Sequoyah Technologies and our values.

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  2. Embrace and drive change. Change is constant in a growing company.

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  3. Be fun. Be goofy. Be yourself. At Blue Sequoyah Technologies, we’re always creating fun and a little weirdness.

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  4. Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded. We think it's important for people and the company as a whole to be bold and daring (but not reckless).

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  5. Always pursue growth and learning. We think it's important for employees to grow both personally and professionally.

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  1. Build open and honest relationships through communication. We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships because that leads to trust and confidence.

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  2. Build a positive team and family spirit. At Blue Sequoyah Technologies, we place a lot of emphasis on our culture because we are both a team and a family.

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  3. Do more with less. Blue Sequoyah Technologies has always been about being able to do more with less.

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  4. Be passionate and determined. Passion is the fuel that drives us and our company forward.

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  5. Be humble. While we have grown quickly in the past, we recognize that there are always challenges ahead.

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Relationships are important

When you really get to know your client’s business and goals you’re able to anticipate, understand, and execute with surprising efficiency.

Blue Sequoyah Technologies has experience building great apps for a wide range of industries, and we bring that knowledge to every project. But we’re always learning. That’s why we’re in it for the long haul.

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