The challenge

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) strives to create a healthier and more balanced planet. The ICPA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance chiropractic by establishing evidence-informed practice, supporting excellence in professional skills and delivering educational resources to the public. What began as a dream from founder Dr. Larry Webster in 1986 to better train chiropractors in family care has grown into a global mission to support the health and well-being of families worldwide.

ICPA was growing and needed a new business/client management system for their global chiropractic membership. Their back office was decentralized, using tools like Microsoft Access, which made it difficult for staff to collaborate in workflows. Consequently, many of their processes were performed manually, which was a poor use of membership funding.

Organization members could not view any details about their membership, seminar registrations, subscriptions, payments, etc., which added to their growing customer service. Web forms relied on the user to supply the correct information for what they were requesting, which resulted in a lot of bad information being stored, which had to be cleaned up manually in many cases.

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association


  • Healthcare

Project timeline

  • 12 months to beta

Blue Sequoyah Technologies services

  • AMS development
  • API integrations
  • CMS development
  • Github source code repository management
  • User experience strategy and design
  • User interface design
  • Responsive markup with SCSS
  • Server security audit
  • Technical research, consulting
  • Web app hosting

The result

We started by working with ICPA to understand their business pain points. We then collaborated on defining workflows, so we knew what each type of user should experience through different funnels. We then defined the information architecture, and spent time building a complex import tool which would transform data from various sources into this new structure. It was challenging, but allowed us to import over 30,000 contacts dating back to the 1990s; about 3gb of data. It was like they hadn't missed a beat!

The platform we chose was Umbraco CMS, which would become a multi-site web host as ICPA consolidated their other online presences into the new system. Within Umbraco we built a responsive HTML5 framework that looked great on tablets and phones. Next up was Stripe integration, which was used to process payments (including automatic renewals), and which is completely PCI-compliant. And Constant Contact was integrated for their newsletter subscriptions.

In all, this business management system is much more accessible, even outside of the office and on mobile devices. Employees have much more time to focus on tasks that matter instead of mundane, repetitive tasks. And the new system easily handles membership and certification management, seminar registration, blog, product sales, help center, and more.


  • Umbraco CMS hosted on AWS.
  • Responsive HTML5 framework.
  • Full integration with Stripe for PCI-compliant payment processing.
  • Integration with Constant Contact.
  • Membership & certification management, seminar registration, blog, product sales, help center, and more.
  • Organization management features.
  • Automation for smoother operations.


  • Significant decrease in customer service calls.
  • Employees are more productive.
  • The system is much more accessible, even outside of the office and on mobile devices.
  • Happy members and staff!