The challenge

TGaS® Advisors is the premier provider of fact-based, peer-to-peer comparative intelligence, helping pharmaceutical operations leaders drive commercial excellence. Their benchmarking and advisory services offer access to industry experts and a network of professional colleagues: fact-based answers to the question "How do other pharmaceutical companies do 'it'?"® and practical, actionable advice for achieving operational excellence.

TGaS Advisors has been providing large pharmaceutical companies with deep, comparative intelligence for many years and discovered that they all seemed to struggle with finding good vendors experienced with the pharmaceutical industry. TGaS wanted to help them and the smaller emerging pharmaceutical companies solve the problem.

TGaS decided to offer an online subscription service where pharmaceutical company employees could review the vendors they use, rate products and services, and see how vendors and services compare within their organization, and across the globe. Likewise, vendors needed to be able to create and manage a profile for their companies, including their products and services.

TGaS Advisors


  • Comparative Intelligence

Project timeline

  • 12 weeks for MVP

Blue Sequoyah Technologies services

  • API integrations
  • CMS development
  • Github source code repository management
  • Responsive markup with SCSS
  • Server security audit
  • Technical research, consulting
  • User experience strategy and design
  • User interface design
  • Web app hosting

The result

We collaborated with TGaS to define the needs of their potential subscribers, vendors, and staff. Then we worked on defining the user experience for the key users of the platform. After defining the user experience, we worked on the technical strategy. Based on the platforms and services that TGaS used internally, as well as the needs of the new platform, we decided to implement a custom ASP.NET MVC application with a SQL Server database.

We integrated to keep a master copy of the data set, allowing subscribers to authenticate using that platform. Vendors authenticate directly with the system. And we built the client side with a responsive framework including SCSS and infinite scroll search results. All of this was hosted in our secure Amazon AWS environment.


  • Provided pharmaceutical advisor customers with a way to find reliable vendors
  • Subscription service (SaaS) for clients and vendors
  • Based on ASP.NET MVC/SQL Server, hosted on Amazon EC2
  • Salesforce integration
  • Responsive HTML5 framework with SCSS


  • Deployed on time and within budget
  • Profitable business in under 18 months
  • Driving its own budget for growth