Blue Sequoyah Technology Chops

By Michael Argentini
Managing Partner, Technology and Design

With decades of experience, Blue Sequoyah has a wide array of technology capabilities that lead to solutions that exceed business expectations. Here is an example of some of the client/server technologies we've worked with:

Client Technologies

  • Angular
  • iOS, Android
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Ionic
  • JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX
  • Meteor
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Microsoft Windows CE
  • Xamarin

Server Technologies

  • Apache Flex
  • Java
  • Meteor
  • MongoDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • Oracle
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • SAML

Those lists are not exhaustive, but do provide an idea of the kinds of things we've used to deploy solutions for our clients. Those lists represent core technology stacks, not platforms. Here are some of the platforms we've used for successful client projects:


  • SharePoint
  • Sitecore
  • Umbraco
  • WordPress

CDN & Hosting

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Beanstalk, Github
  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Network Solutions
  • Office365
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Squarespace
  • Verio
  • Vimeo, YouTube


  • Bing
  • Google
  • Yahoo

CRM & Marketing

  • Abila netFORUM
  • Archer Schoen Fulfillment
  • Exact Target
  • Experian/Conversen
  • Google Play Store
  • iOS App Store
  • PunchTab
  • SalesForce
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • Votigo

We tend to specialize in Umbraco as a CMS platform, and AWS for our hosting service. But we've helped our clients with a variety of others, as you can see.

One of the interesting areas we found ourselves working in was digital couponing. This was primarily due to our partnership with marketing firms as their virtual development department. And as you might imagine, we also did a fair amount of work involving social networks. Here are some of the couponing services and social networks we've worked with:


  • News America
  • RevTrax

Version Control

  • Git
  • Subversion
  • TFS 


  • AddThis
  • Akismet
  • BazaarVoice
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • ShareThis
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

How can we help you?

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Article last updated on 1/17/2020

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