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Blue Sequoyah Technology Chops

All of the developers at Blue Sequoyah bring with them decades of experience coding in many different languages and environments. Although we do have a focus on Microsoft technologies when it comes to server-side software development, the technologies used for mobile apps and client-side web development vary greatly. Our experience also includes iOS and Android development, as well as open source solutions.

Which devices and web browsers we support by default

Operating systems, devices, and web browsers constantly change. This is how we approach supporting this moving target.

Our support experts

Our support services span the entire lifecycle of a product, from planning and strategy, to launch, to roadmaps and more.

Our software developers

Software development is literally the reason that we exist as a company. Our entire team is focused on building the best apps and providing the best service.

Our UI/UX designers

Our designers can help you with user interface and experience design, content strategy, responsive markup, illustration, animation, video, and iconography.

Blue Sequoyah Technologies secure, reliable cloud hosting

With Blue Sequoyah Technologies cloud hosting, you get the security and reliability of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platform hosting, and we handle the technical stuff.

We are Microsoft technology specialists

We build apps with many different stacks, but we really excel when building with Microsoft technologies and related platforms like Umbraco, SharePoint, and Sitecore.

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