We are Microsoft technology specialists

By Michael Argentini
Managing Partner, Technology and Design

We build apps with many different stacks, but we really excel when building with Microsoft technologies and related platforms like Umbraco, SharePoint, and Sitecore. That's because we collectively have more experience with that stack, and in most cases a preference for it, over other similar stacks. We're also Microsoft Certified.

We're extremely bullish on the Umbraco CMS. It's incredibly modern and flexible. It adopts all the standard Microsoft development patterns, like MVC, and leverages an advanced multi-tiered caching mechanism for blazing performance. It can host one or hundreds of sites in a single installation. And it's multi-lingual out of the box.

And of course Microsoft SharePoint is a big piece of what we do as well. We've worked with small SharePoint solutions hosted on-premises, and large, complex Microsoft SharePoint solutions within government iTAR installations. We've deployed single page Umbraco web apps, and large franchise marketing platforms with hundreds of sites.

And one of the other major platforms we've worked with is Sitecore. We've built single and multi-tenant web applications with it, even in load balanced environments. This is a platform of choice for large enterprise, and though it has many unique features, it reminds us a lot of Umbraco CMS.

How can we help?

So if you need help with a project, and Microsoft technologies are preferred, we'd love to talk with you about it. You can reach us with the form below, or by visiting our contact page.

Article last updated on 4/28/2018

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